build-out door frames

Build-out frames provide a ‘stand off’ where extra clearance is required

OUR build-out door frame SOLUTIONS ARE DESIGNED TO accommodate uneven frames

Shield Safe has developed a build-out frame option to accommodate existing uneven door frames:


Our Build-Out Door Jamb Enhancer System solves a wide range of issues facing all installers of hinged security doors into timber frames.

Firstly, the system provides a ‘stand off’ for those situations where extra clearance is required because of large entrance door handles on the timber door. The enhancer system also means no machining of lock striker pockets and no checking hinges into door jambs. With its unique ‘C’ groove system,
all pockets and hinge mountings are already built in.

In addition, the enhancer system also enables door makers and installers to infinitely adjust the position of hinges and locking points. If your door ‘sags’ or moves after settling in, our system allows the adjust of hinges and locking points to compensate with no machining or repositioning required.

Key features & benefits:

  • Allows the installer to adjust for out square or bowed door jambs using concealed shims
  • Fully concealed fixings for a clean tidy finish
  • Tested to meet AS5039 and AS5041 for forced entry performance

Our Barrier & Security Doors:

  • Are developed and made in Australia to handle Australian conditions
  • Comply with all relevant Australian standards
  • Include a wide range of designs to complement and enhance your property
  • Are corrosion-resistant and come with up to 10 years warranty
  • Are available across Sydney, regional NSW and wholesale throughout Australia
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